At Rara Photography | Digital Marketing Brokerage we welcome all products from food to fashion to electronic devices. We offer product cutout shots on white background (or background colour of your choice) and also lifestyle shots to showcase your products in use. We have a team of in-house models to achieve this. We also take shots of products at your business, these can make excellent backgrounds for backgrounds on web banners or upcoming promotional posters which we can design for you also, free of charge.

Product cutout on white background start at €9. This includes background removal of 1 product. Additional work like tarnish removal, adult clothing etc may cost more. (white, transparent or reflective products may be more expensive)

Product Lifestyle using one of our in-house models Start at €15 (Again depending on product type)

A €50 Studio fee applies to cover studio set up and time shooting/retouching, therefore it works out better value to send more products at once instead of in dribs and drabs. We can tailor product packages to suit your budget so please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please click the arrows across to view all images.